Our flagship product; SmoothTorque™ is one of the most scalable and capable dialers in the market. But don't take our word for it, let us set you up a demo today.

SmoothTorque™ Predictive Dialler and Message Broadcaster

VentureVoIP has developed what we (and our customers) believe to be the most advanced predictive dialler in the industry. No more waiting for a sale or wasting time listening to answer machines and busy numbers.

  1. SmoothTorque™ predicts the future better
  2. SmoothTorque™ is easier to use
  3. SmoothTorque™ scales to any size


Increase your productivity

In a traditional outbound call centre, your staff spend a lot of the time effectively doing nothing useful, either listening to answer machines or dialling busy numbers. This is the way of the past.

Now you can connect directly to prospective clients with every call that an agent takes. SmoothTorque™ will take care of scheduling the calls, keeping your agents busy and getting rid of pesky answer machines and busy/disconnected numbers.


Keep your outbound call centre busy

If you're looking for a predictive dialler (something to keep your call centre staff busy), then you'll really see the benefits of SmoothTorque™ over other solutions in the way that it predicts the future.

If you're using SmoothTorque™ for Message Broadcasting, Polling or Emergency Warnings, then the benefit from SmoothTorque™ you'll see over other solutions is in it's ability to scale to unlimited channels and calls per second - a single SmoothTorque™ controller has been tested at 2000 calls per second with the ability to use multiple controllers in larger settings.


Improve your profit

Imagine this scenario: you have a call centre of staff who need to call clients. One by one they go through the numbers, listening to answer machines, dialing busy and disconnected numbers etc.

Now imagine a new scenario: instead of the above, the agents come into work, the call centre manager presses start on a campaign, and SmoothTorque™ takes care of all of the dialing. Agents never need to press another button on their phone, they never speak to answer machines, disconnected numbers or busy numbers. Instead of spending most of their time trying to get in contact with clients, they spend most of their time working with clients.

Another scenario: you have 500 people that you need to call to tell them that they have a library book overdue. You could go through the same thing of dialing them all one by one, or you could do it all automatically, play the client a recorded message (including after the beep on an answering machine), and you can move your call centre staff to another job. Simple, efficient, cost effective.

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