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VentureVoIP produces some of the most scalable message broadcasting platforms in the world. Using our software, our customers have made millions in profit. We're now opening up the platform to the general public for purchase.


SmoothTorque predictive dialer and message broadcaster is our flagship product. It can run in an unlimited number of clusters with up to 200 calls per second per cluster and 2000 concurrent channels.

It is a web based interface that can be controlled entirely from your browser (phone or desktop).



The Conduit3 platform includes our enterprise class PABX system and our ITSP platform for selling services to customers.

The ITSP platform has built in billing and invoices, service provision, free customer sign up, PayPal integration and more.


Security Cameras

VentureVoIP provides robust industrial class security camera systems for multiple markets. We initially produced a product for the New Zealand Taxi fleet that has proven to be both the strongest and simplest product on the market. Since the beginning we've used solid state drives that aren't affected by the motion of the taxi cars.

Recently we have expanded that effort into the "Internet of Things" with our LAN connected security camera systems.


Sound Level Moderator

The moderator technology achieves precisely this: an increase in low volume sound with reduction in high volume sound—while also retaining sound quality. The technology could be deployed inside DVD players; TVs; laptops; tablets; smart phones; or as a stand-alone accessory.


SmoothTorque In Use

Below you'll find some examples of the various pages of the SmoothTorque message broadcasting system in action. For a free demo on your own hardware (or ours) please Contact Us

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