Through our camera systems we provide peace of mind security and stability wrapped up in the simplicity you expect from VentureVoIP.

TaxiMon 1104

The VentureVoIP TaxiMon 1104 Camera system is the latest in security for Taxi vehicles.

It has been 100% developed in New Zealand by VentureVoIP and has received certification from the New Zealatnd Transport Association as of the 22nd of August 2011 for installation in taxi sedans.

The entire system is incredibly compact and is very simple for VentureVoIP to install in your taxi.


  • Records over 168 hours of high definition images
  • Image resolution is 1280x960 - an amazingly detailed reproduction
  • Provides a dim green light while operating
  • Has a flashing red light system if there are any faults
  • Watchdog system constantly checks and repairs any problems
  • Only needs username and password to retrieve images - just a normal laptop will work
  • Runs off 12 volts
  • Has additional hardware to provide features in the future


"Internet of Things" monitor

Have you ever wanted to see how your dog is doing? Maybe check out the house to see that workers are not snooping around? Or maybe you just want to get notified if the system detects movement inside your house.

We have been working on extending the existing system to be able to provide these and many more features and are currently working on integration with the Apple Watch and iPhone.

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