VentureVoIP focuses on providing a strong platform for infinite scalability while still making our products simple to use. We pride ourselves in the small details in each product and refine constantly until we have something we're happy with.

VentureVoIP History

In 2001, Matt Riddell was working providing telecommunications solutions for various companies, mostly in New Zealand and Italy under the name SineApps. As the work load increased he brought on extra staff and worked with Ian and Vickie Lamb to bring structure to the company.

Ian Lamb believed that with additional capital and business expertise it would be possible to grow the size of the company significantly.

Ian Lamb took the idea to Ian Thomson who had been providing telecommunications consulting to a company that Ian Lamb had previously worked for. They decided to invest in forming a new company - VentureVoIP.


Launch by New Zealand Prime Minister

In May 2007 the new company was launched by the then Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark.

Initially the new company focussed on getting established in the New Zealand market to provide a solid foundation for worldwide sales. Once this was completed VentureVoIP started to focus on establishing relationships to provide both software and hardware solutions internationally.


The Future

In order to grow the company further it was decided that more capital and further high level management experience would be required. VentureVoIP worked with Delloites to both improve our market strategy and gain the additional capital and experience we were looking for.

This culminated in Simon White coming on board as both a director and investor.

VentureVoIP continues to strengthen the international exposure for the full range of products that it has to offer by establishing reseller agreements with companies worldwide.




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Meet Our Team


Matt Riddell

Managing Director

Matt has over 20 years experience in commercial software development and regularly speaks at conferences worldwide on the subject of VoIP. He is also the author of the Asterisk News.


Ian Thomson


Ian has over 40 years experience in the telecommunications sector predominately with Telecom. Ian has been involved in the introduction and management of many new telecommunication initiatives onto the New Zealand market.


Simon White


Simon has 30 years experience in Finance, Strategic Development, Governance and Risk Management. He is a member of the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants and NZ IOD. Past senior management roles include: Chief Financial Officer of PSIS Limited and Wrightson Limited, General Manager - Strategic Development for Trust bank NZ


Mike Riddell


Mike has a varied background as a writer, academic and innovator. He has travelled widely as an international speaker and writer. He was the initiator and convenor of Screen Dunedin, and is a board member of the NZ Writers Guild.


Ian Lamb


Ian lamb is a marketing auditor and Venture Capitalist who was instrumental in creating VentureVoIP. He has worked in many different consulting roles assisting companies with their growth and business management.

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